Use Google Analytics URL Builder to Track Marketing Campaign

Monitoring online campaigns can be a bit tricky. Analytic has a wonderful instrument called URL which makes it possible for you to develop hyperlink tagging which permits you t…
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Google URL Tagging Employing The Google URL Builder Instrument – Tutorial – Phillip J Rhoades
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9 Responses to Use Google Analytics URL Builder to Track Marketing Campaign

  1. almirjuventus says:

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  2. James Thompson says:

    where do you see the results from this? in analytics? if so where?

  3. dgerryd d says:

    Cheers for the upload this will come in handy for future reference

  4. webmarketingtoronto says:

    I found this online tool to help manage and build URLs for free, google “marketylink”

  5. Vincent Tobiaz says:

    Why would you want to do this when you can just see what sites people come from. If it’s a banner ad and someone spreads virally over that sites forum and people go to your site wouldn’t you want to credit the banner ad anyway? This seems redundant.

  6. webmarketingtoronto says:

    I just built this URL building and management tool. Check it out by googling “marketylink”

  7. TelligentMedia says:

    Dude, you forgot something… Where the hell do you see the data. That’s not posted anywhere either.

  8. Phillip Rhoades says:

    If you’re linking from Facebook to an outside-of-Facebook page with the analytics code then yes. If you’re trying to link to a facebook page from outside of Facebook then no. 🙂 Does that make sense?

    Check out more of my stuff under my HowToPhil account. 🙂

  9. James Statham says:

    Hi Philip, love your plain english, no nonsense approach 🙂 it’s much appreciated. I was just wondering, lets say I want to track traffic from a Facebook page or a linkedin page, can I tag the URL’s of these pages? I’m guessing it wouldn’t work because you cant add the Google Analytics code to these pages right?

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