Understanding your App Users with Google Analytics

What takes place as soon as your end download your mobile app? Find out how you can measure usage of your app as if it have been a web site. The Mobile Ap…

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3 Responses to Understanding your App Users with Google Analytics

  1. David Stockelberg says:

    This movie is much longer than 6:35 min (which is good : )

  2. giacomo vannucchi says:

    I watched the video because I wanted to discover the features of Google Analytics for apps. I am considering to switch from Flurry Analytics to Google Analytic for Apps. It was really interesting even if I would have liked if you had covered the in-app purchase / ecommerce more in details. Finally I am sorry that you weren’t specific when explaining why Google Analytics for Apps is better than Flurry. I am trying to do a sort of Gap Analysis between Flurry and Google Analytics!

  3. ImpactRadiusMobile says:

    Exciting times!!! Great job, Jessica & Chrix.

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