5 Responses to Set Up Google Analytics Account: Setting Up Google Analytics Video

  1. MegaJeLoW says:

    when you say your website does that mean your YouTube channel? just asking?

  2. localpulsemarketing says:

    our pleasure. Thanks for stopping by and checking out some videos

  3. Ann Pickard says:

    Although the screens have changed this was still a really easy – for me as a non-technical person – to follow and helped with everything I needed to know to install analytics – THANK YOU from across the water in UK.

  4. guyfromVenezuela says:

    What about facebookcom slash myfreshplanscom can Google Analytics track that or is it just meant for Youtube and Google Plus?

  5. IMVermontLLC says:

    Thank you for the video! I’m amazed that there is NO INFO on the web about this tab in Analytics. Very frustrating…and surprising, considering how good Google is with help documentation.

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