How to Setup Google Analytics Understand how to use the we analyzer for internet monitoring. Find out more about Guru Bob right here: http://ww…
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11 Responses to How to Setup Google Analytics

  1. Vineeth Pillai says:

    That was really helpful

  2. Jawsh K says:

    The web browser takes up half the screen!!!

  3. lucas nessen says:

    thank you really helped me

  4. StupidlyBored says:

    Analytics is seriously crap, sort it out Google!!!

  5. xGotheDistancex says:

    Amazing video! Keep the good work up!

    I have just started a charity/anti-racism blog at, and I could not figure out how to paste the code into the html script… Now I understand that it is enough to register the UA!

    If you want to check my blog out, here:

  6. Jeremy Blair says:

    less talk man this takes fucking forever

  7. Anna Ryan says:

    I know you can track multiple websites from one Analytics account, but Google’s best practice suggests that you set up one analytics account for each website. Its really easy to do since you can open multiple Analytics accounts with one username. I know that it can cause problems if you’re advertising with AdWords to only have one account tracking multiple websites since you can only link one AdWords account to one Analytics account.

  8. Dental Spa at Garden City says:

    I am a member of WorPressDirect and have reviewed it on my website, The Newbie Phenomenon. I would like to share your videos with my visitors on my channel. Please let me know if this is possible. Thanks

  9. juntao65 says:

    I guess this is kind of late, but not to this extent. Google analyitcs tells you waaay more than what quantcast could tell you.

  10. Michael Larter says:

    nice work GuruBob – can really start to see awesome power of WordPressDirect now – tracking was the ONE area I have struggled with in internet marketing today, although I was guessing Google Analytics was the daddy!

  11. Wendy Merritt says:

    I had no idea you could get this kind of information on your website for FREE! I have been paying for this service from my host! grrrrr Thanks for the info.


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