How to Install Google Analytics on your Website

How to Install Google Analytics on your Website site This Flowtown Instructional video walks you by means of the process of installing Google …
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brief tutorial exhibiting you how to add analytics to your web site music by e-state beneath creative commons.
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17 Responses to How to Install Google Analytics on your Website

  1. skyhawlk21 says:

    what if im the admin on the site and i still dont know how to?

  2. phantomchasers666 says:

    Is notepad++ good to use for the HTML coding

  3. senarath senarath says:

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  5. gurramram says:

    hi this Ram i ‘ new GA this video is very help full to me . i have small doubt in this video you said add the GA code Every page ,is it necessary to add the code in static websites for every page can u explain briefly i’m available @


  6. WKYweknowyou says:

    Great video 🙂 and you sound like Moe!

  7. NyOpladerDk says:

    Thank ou very much…. I just have a small question… what if i have 2* cone on one page… how will it affect the data/information. thx

  8. shadyfan381 says:

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  9. dollarman55 says:

    thank you

  10. gohH18 says:

    Thank you! 🙂

  11. Faheem Azam says:

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  12. otasch says:


  13. vishtel18 says:

    it was quite useful…many thanks

  14. Ruth J. Morrison says:

    Thank you, Ethan, great video!

  15. Pir Arkam says:

    Very Helpful !!!

  16. Dekanac Sirmium says:

    Thank you! Very helpful!

  17. nikirae16 says:

    Thank you so much!!! This was very helpful

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