How to get Google Analytics

Get Analytics for your site and include monitoring code to your pages to keep track of web site . You should 1st have a account. How to get your monitoring code, in which to put it and how to do this quickly and simply using a WordPress plug-in.
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  1. mark cruz says:

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  2. pabastian says:

    Nice vid, It is normal to wait about 24 hours for the code be installed?

  3. Jon Doll says:

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  4. dwshiva says:

    I don’t have edit at the side like in this and every other video

  5. Engin Arat says:

    Honey, apparently google’s UK and US have totally different dashboards/interfaces as I don’t have anything you are showing here in my account. So no helps. Thanks anyway.

  6. smalliecat says:

    Thank you for this guide! Nice and easy 🙂

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