Google Analytics Tutorial Step-By-Step – Learn in this how to rip apart your analytics to get crucial actionable insights to revenue fro…

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23 Responses to Google Analytics Tutorial Step-By-Step

  1. J tro says:

    great video Scott, new to GA and SEO but extremely interested. like most just needed someone to give a good overview and now just need to practice and dive in more. but thanks again!!

  2. Sebastian Hansen says:

    Very, very good. I had no experience with Google Analytics but needed it to analyze a customer page. I think now I have a really good first impression of the possibilities. Thanks a lot.

  3. Michael Kim says:

    Great tool

  4. Paul McCormack says:

    Hi Scott. Thanks for a great tutorial. Can you answer a question for me if you have time. In regards to comparing metrics, I cannot find the options button “Compare Metric”. It’s indicated in ‘Help’, and I’ve seen screenshots of it, but it doesn’t appear on my interface no matter what I do. I’d appreciate any feedback. Many thanks, Paul

  5. Adele Miller says:

    Hi Scott. Just want to thank you for posting this tutorial. Simply explained, but very informational and helpful.

  6. ProjectsOfPugh says:

    A great article, thanks for uploading 🙂

  7. hayleypaigetaylor says:

    great value! thank you!

  8. RizzPersonalPage says:

    thanks this was very helpful and your phone wasnt really a big deal lol

  9. Nicholas Nelson says:

    Hello Scott,
    Just want to say Thank You for posting this. It was very informational and really helped give me a broad overview of this powerful tool. Now to dig in…

  10. Luis F. Mejía says:

    You are a very good communicator Scott. Great tutorial. Thank You!

  11. Yang Sheng says:

    Very intuitive video that enlighten google analytics study. I just learn from your video the technique to “secondary dimensions” data which I had never known before. I can assure that this video can achieve 0% bounce rate.

  12. jimmyamash says:

    Topless dude on desktop at 23:24.

  13. Siljith Kandyil says:

    Hey Scott,

    This was a comprehensive one and easy to pick up. Come up with such short videos not more than 25 minutes.

  14. yeusmarn13 says:

    Hey, thanks for the explanation. It was very useful to me, cheers!

  15. kamalesh r says:

    This is great video for beginners to understand GA’s clearly. Do you have anymore videos for google analytics?? let me know.. Thanks

  16. Gajendra Rawat says:

    Thanks a Ton.. What an amazing piece of Knowledge. Do you have anything for “Goals and Funnels”.

  17. Kannan R says:

    Hey Scott,
    Its great work, Appreciate your effort for a niche presentation.
    Kannan R

  18. Angeline Thiri says:

    Excellent video. Thank you so much.

  19. nilimarose7 says:

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  20. Anju Gulla says:

    It was excellent. i learned a lot

  21. Jimmy Albert Rodela says:

    This is awesome stuff. I’m glad that you took the time to make such a comprehensive tutorial about analytics.

  22. TheHeavenrush says:

    Fuck off.

  23. Tom Smith says:

    Thanks, Scott! Outstanding video and very helpful in my understanding of Analytics.

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