Google Analytics In Real Life – Site Search

What is the roadblock between finding semi-skim milk and milk skim-semi? Check out out this video and learn how improving your can help. This humorou…
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Magento Basics - Setting Up Google Analytics (Including eCommerce Tracking + Site Search) – Magento fundamentals training video on how to set up – such as eCommerce monitoring and website search. Phase b…
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31 Responses to Google Analytics In Real Life – Site Search

  1. Clare Jiaqiao Li says:

    hahaha the girl’s face at the end.

  2. TwisterKirby says:

    Some companies pay to have their websites appear first

  3. hanifir007 says:

    Advanced search

  4. eliastheod says:

    imagine David Brent on this one…

  5. Matthew Kennedy says:

    Then I Googled a rare item and the top result was Amazon with the product currently not available, while good online stores were pushed below. What’s Google doing? It seems they are dishing out top results to the big boys like eBay amazon and the likes even though they could well be terrible results.

  6. Matthew Kennedy says:

    I Googled looking for a review of a product yesterday and got back top search result of a website that had the product for sale but with the worlds “0 Reviews” very helpful.

  7. JoshPalerLin says:


  8. Stephen Turnock MIRP CertRP says:

    The analogy is the customer is the candidate in job search mode and behind the counter is the recruiter!

  9. Paul Cartwright says:

    If you love “advanced search” look for “Gary the tank commander”. MISS YOU GARY!

  10. meindeutschland100 says:

    Funy and True 😉

  11. Manhar Garegrat says:

    This milk themed family wall plannnnnnerr! (Aaah!)

  12. lovenotes93 says:


  13. themattcvids says:

    The UK is literally like this.


    haha again dumboo haha all the time dumboo


    haha dumboo


    boo dumboo

  17. James Lawton says:

    He’s Irish

  18. Tahseen Rostom says:

    Well, If you install Google Webmaster Tools you will at least have a broad understanding of what sorts of queries are referring visits to your website. That’s the only way around (not provided) and even then it would be difficult to compare both data sets (there would be quite a lot of variance).

  19. OnkarrSingh says:

    This milk themed family wall plannaaarrrr. Lmfao! =D Great Ad!

  20. Camila Kattab says:

    Not really, it is all weird… Now it only shows the sales it wants to show and lots of data are still 0..

  21. Bharat M says:

    Hi Camila,

    I am facing the same problem. Can you please let me know if you could find a solution? Thanks.

  22. galeforcemultimedia says:

    Thank You for helping me with this

  23. f00768500 says:

    @B2BInternetMarketing said it best: I too have been fearful of eCommerce as some sort of untameable beast, but you’ve made it look and sound like a teddy bear!

    Thanx for sharing your clearly vast knowledge with us! I for one am looking forward to many, many more! ^_

  24. Camila Kattab says:


    I have done this all long ago but eCommerce Tracking only displays 0 numbers and I have no idea how to fix this. I also haven’t found anything anywhere to help me 🙁
    Can you help me?

  25. Viktoras Kul says:

    Great Video mate! very well explained, thanks a lot! looking forward to more vidoes :)

  26. Ed Baxter says:

    Hi chunkk2,

    If you have used the backend config’ to enable Analytics and you have the correct profile ID then you should start receiving data in your Analytics. It may take a day before your data shows though!

    I hope this helps.

  27. Chunk says:

    done that all but good says the code hasnt been install even though i can clearly see it in the source code will it still work?

  28. Gabriel Ristea says:

    thank you! you help me to activate this google analytics. Salut! from Romania

  29. 1SilentWitness1 says:

    Nice one, thanks :]

  30. Bruce Li says:

    Thanks!Very helpful!

  31. Cheryl Wickham says:

    Thanks! So helpful to have the screen shots.

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