Google Analytics Custom Variables Webinar

Find out about one of most powerful attributes: . You will learn from Product Manager, Phil Mui, and Developer Evangelist, Nick Mih…


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17 Responses to Google Analytics Custom Variables Webinar

  1. Pam Leichter says:

    Terrible audio quality + accents = unintelligible webinar

  2. Christian Morisak says:

    Come on google, seriously! The sound is that horrible!

  3. Aaron Gibralter says:

    I’m very confused by those two examples as well–definitely seem like contradictions

  4. Max url says:

    Christ! can someone buy Google a decent microphone and someone elocution lessons 🙁

  5. 76mainz83bstlyssaw says:

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  6. yhgjuutnhmgiyku says:

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  7. witsworth says:

    I don’t trust the rushed and flawed examples presented

  8. Empirical Path says:

    Here’s the correct URL: slash 77hEg

  9. Empirical Path says:

    Google Analytics Premium offers even more custom variables. Here’s our blog post with 10 ideas for segmenting traffic with this feature: slash 77hEg

  10. DougInBoulder says:

    Worst. Webinar. Evar.

  11. RoadTrip02 says:

    Peter from co-host Empirical Path again. One year after this video was made, we’ve created a lot of uses for Custom Variables. See our blog post for examples: slash 4lP3v

  12. Gerrrry says:

    Epic Foogailure

  13. Gal Kricheli says:

    Could you add subtitles to this tutorial? I couldn’t hear the speakers well… it would probably decrease bounce-rate of those who leave the video b4 it ends. Thanx.

  14. TheXpertguy says:

    خوشخبری ۔۔ گوگل ایڈسینس اکائونٹ صرف 400 میں حاصل کریں ،3 اکائونٹس کے ساتھ ایک اکائونٹ بلکل فری ۔۔ مزید معلومات کے لیے ابھی کال کریں ۔ 03334500333

  15. leipin1 says:

    Don’t mixed scope sample at 17:08 and next one condradict each other?
    In first sample it should be registered=yes – 2 not 3 as far as I got it.

  16. pavkey88 says:

    they’ll never fix the sound. it was that way during the webinar.

    deal with the poor sound quality, the info is very very good.

  17. Daniel Vaczi says:

    Good stuff on custom variables! Thanks!

    …but what happened to the sound?? You must have recorded it with an old mono cassette recorder.

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