Google Analytics – Bounce Rate: The Simply Powerful Metric

If you could only choose one to look at, Fee may possibly be your best selection. Find out why in this entertaining and informative section from Avinash Ka…
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19 Responses to Google Analytics – Bounce Rate: The Simply Powerful Metric

  1. Vince Mada says:

    boooo you suck

  2. Vijayshankar Mishra says:

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  3. SuperGrowPlants says:

    i let my site get stale and didnt touch it for over 1 year. my bounce rate was 60%. i started working on my site and added a lot of info. my bounce rate fell to 3% and sometimes 1% or 0%!!!! WTF HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!

  4. jayakrishnan j says:

    HI everyone…Is there a way in to which pages do user navigate from the landing page..

  5. Juan Carlos Chourio Moreno says:

    Great information.. Google Analytics is the best sem metric..

  6. dhanesh mane says:

    look at top 30 landing pages and analyse is the key point. thanks Avinash

  7. gorthysandhya says:

    very informative. Thanks for sharing !

  8. ajayparihar000 says:

    Awesome peace of information.
    thanks a lot.

  9. John Pierre says:

    I found your video on this ” freeseoplugin com ” site and additional information on SEO tactics which was very helpful. Thanks

  10. Marco Varela says:

    Thanks for this wonderful info, I was looking for something on this before, but no where I could find it.

  11. Vovka Petrov says:

    it’s possible (highly unlikely but possible). Could be that you have low traffic in general :S What’s your website if you don’t mind me asking?

  12. Django Kelly says:

    If optimized for the wrong keywords, a website could be receiving the wrong type of users – that’s what is wrong with my website with a current average 90 percent bounce rate!

  13. KIBOOMU says:

    According to Google, our bounce rate is 6-7%. Is that POSSIBLE?

  14. OCEANDIVA Eventlocation says:

    My bouncerate is 25%…that must be almost perfect..

  15. tilanesaram says:

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  16. mfosheejr says:

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  17. tatsf226 says:

    My site bounce rate is 40%, good or bad? thanks

  18. Kathy Schmidt says:

    @bathelfire It’s rickandkathy Feel free to visit, but don’t feel obliged to dine and dash! 🙂

  19. Jörg Hubacher says:

    Very good information!

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