Getting Started with Google Analytics Webinar

The basics you need to know to get started with . Topics: * How can help you with your * Analytics reports for the m…
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Google Analytics Walkthrough

In this video, I will discuss the basics of Google Analytics and what you can you this data for. To learn how to install Google Analytics on your s…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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49 Responses to Getting Started with Google Analytics Webinar

  1. GavinWilchek says:

    Can you use bitly for your link tagging marketing campaigns in order to shorten it for things like twitter or Instagram?

  2. Gnug315 says:

    It’s a california thing, terribly annoying. Be glad there’s not too many “like”‘s.

  3. mahinda bandara says:

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  4. Emmanuel Afolabi says:

    Great analysis Thanks.

  5. Thomas Burdakin says:

    Great video, could use better quality though

  6. Goran Spasic says:

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  7. wazztube says:

    great webinar. but the hostess…wow…she sounds sweet but h.s., she cannot say one single sentence without making it sound like a question. kind of disturbing. very good though. tnx.

  8. Sebastian Stoll Nygaard Jeppesen says:

    And more focus on making it short and precise. You could do this in 10 minutes.

  9. kgndesign says:

    ah – finally found the page you were referring to……phew – you need to be intermediate, not a beginner I feel…… plodding on

  10. kgndesign says:

    and what if my google analytics looks nothing like this?

  11. intothelens1 says:

    Agree that it would be helpful to have a copy of the slides – perhaps with key information in the notes section. Cannot really see the “slides” when using full screen view – other than the slide heading details are not readable.

  12. Selwyn Monteiro says:

    How do you identify the assisted conversion numbers. E.g. If someone comes in from social media and does not buy today. How would google know that when he actually purchase at some point that he was influenced by the social media campaign?

  13. Netweters Alkmaar says:

    I really hope Google will someday redo this webinar after they bought some decent recording equipment and a screen grabber that can actually do HD video. The effort it takes to hear what the guy is telling you is tiring, especially if English is not your native tongue. Also, after talking a LOT about the theoretical stuff behind GA, the webinar dives right into analyzing campaigns. Why not start at the top, the first page people will see when they log on to GA?

  14. John Michael Williams de Araujo says:


  15. Marc Pearson says:

    Awesome information!

  16. MrProfessor1230 says:

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  17. pappobandor says:

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  18. Stewart Messy says:

    thanks google !

  19. m20310378 says:

    It’s really shameful to see such resourceful tool not being explained using proper means to the public who might find this very useful in some way or another. Google please please make better quality tutorials. Not just for Google Analytics, but for all of your of your useful tools.

  20. Kelly Clemens says:

    Thi presentation was very blurry. Also the sound was like listening to someone in a tunnel.

  21. Nubiana L says:

    How do I add a second website to google analytics?

  22. DianaTom63 says:

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  23. DianaTom63 says:

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  24. kutni buri says:

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  25. Marcella Sime says:

    Yes, please re-do with better sound and picture. Can read/hear enough to be interested, but too tedious to stay with it.

  26. competenowwebtips says:

    I’m not sure what you mean? Like a UA?

  27. RicardoonPrograms says:

    how can I get a new PIN number? thanks!

  28. 205beatmaker says:

    Will this work with youtube adsense

  29. Tanyo Ivanov says:

    Google analytics is so genius..

  30. competenowwebtips says:

    I cant seem to send you a message, maybe a privacy setting on your end? Anyway, you can also access the video by going to my website at startcompetingDOTcom and then click blog in the menu, then in the right sidebar, click “Essential Plugins & Tools,” then click on the third one down titled “How to Add Google Analytics to your Site,” then skip to the 5:30 mark in the video.

  31. competenowwebtips says:

    Okay, I have a video that will show you how to do this but I cannot post links in comments due to YouTube filtering. I will send you a personal message now with the link to the video.

  32. Royalllllll says:

    So thats what i was it possible to make user acc in my stats but just to let them view all statistics only..Anyway,tnx for reply

  33. competenowwebtips says:

    Hello, there are a few options. Could you send them a screenshot of your website stats? If that isnt enough, you could add them as a user to the account but make it so they can only view the stats, not make any account changes.

  34. Royalllllll says:

    Is it possible to create only viewer pages? For example if im trying to show custumer that in my website comes a lot of people and they should be interested in ads, can i give them access just to see my website stats for a week?? Thanks for this wt btw

  35. competenowwebtips says:



    thanks pal good tutorial

  37. Robert Rafai says:

    How google analytics know how much visit I will have in future? When I change date to next few weeks, I got page visits already set for whole month in advance… LOL? Can someone explaine me that?

  38. competenowwebtips says:

    Well, you can choose the keywords you want to come up under. Also, they will not restrict telling you what keywords generated clicks, whether the user is registered or not…as far as I know.

  39. Jeff Nitschke says:

    I have heard you get more keyword information if you use Google Adwords

  40. competenowwebtips says:

    I agree!

  41. compoundsound says:

    Zach is online

  42. 1min30 says:

    Very intersting. Google Analytics is key to a website success

  43. competenowwebtips says:


  44. uucsea says:

    Very helpful video. It’s mind boggling how many metrics you could employ. I love the new PDF export and email results. I now get metrics in PDF right to my email. Fantastic!

  45. LedulaServices says:

    Thanks that was very useful

  46. competenowwebtips says:

    Google does track that they visited the site, they just don’t tell us for which keyword they searched when they found the site.

  47. Nakken18 says:

    So your saying that people who are logged into their Google account while searching for your site isn’t registered?

  48. competenowwebtips says:

    It means that those people were logged into their Google Accounts when they did the search so the data was not captured. (Frustrating I know, not sure why Google does that, probably some kind of privacy issue)

  49. xyzqwerty777 says:

    in the new version when u check keywords the first keyword say ‘not provided’ can u tell me why?

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