Drupal Tutorials #33 – Adding Google Analytics

This is the 33rd tutorial in the seven tutorial series. This tutorial displays you how to add with the Analytics module for Drupal seven….

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5 Responses to Drupal Tutorials #33 – Adding Google Analytics

  1. xDannyDamn says:

    Great tutorials man! I learned alot from you.. Appreciate it alot that you take the time to make video’s like this, so we can enjoy drupal to. Keep up the good work!

  2. LevelUpTuts says:

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  3. Dalton Warrick says:

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  4. Thomas Maker says:

    having issues with my connection, ive followed the video perfectly its really frustrating me

  5. ale0122 says:

    ey its ok, I’ve enjoyed the walkthrough. Maybe gathering data and showing on google analytics about some tips n tricks would be a good idea, for example google prefers recognizable text and not nodesomething. Integrating with pathauto and making a before/after would be awesome to see 😉 thanks for posting the vid

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