4 Responses to 87 How to Set up Google Analytics Account id for your Youtube channel(With live example)

  1. Amlan Dutta says:

    Don’t set up Google analytics ….if you have done it , immediately remove it …i have a tutorial for the same …..instead use Youtube analytics ….why i say not to use Google analytics is because once done , some sort of a spyware attach takes over and you see tinyurl spam in your channel name spread across various channels–so forget this tutorial and check advanced ones in which i teach how to remove the Google analytics and rather use Youtube analytics which is better !My 20 cents -bye..

  2. rondozackman says:

    thanks man,, i hope i dont run into the same problem as robb did . i subscribed and pushed the like button..

  3. Amlan Dutta says:

    I am so glad it helped ….Cheers

  4. Robb's Homemade Life says:

    your video was helpful. Google pestered me to change my channel and link to Google +. eventually they froze my youtube viewing unless I clicked on agree. After that point my Youtube analytics would not appear.My search online found incomprehensible help, Irealized I needed an account ID, but none was in Google analytics as youtube did not show up there. I watched your video and made a new YT account and used the new ID # . Nothing at first but 24 hours later my analytics are back! I subscribed!

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